Spirit - CD

Henri Laborde: Spirit

Quit Your Bitchin' - Single

Song I dedicate to my wife & my best friend; no they don't know each other, but are wonderful people who value life and love and who overcome adversity that would overwhelm most people.  I asked Tommy Matranga to sing this version; I like his country "drawl".  Enjoy!

The Game

HP: The Game

Share The Love

Henri Pierre Laborde: Share the Love


A Choired Taste: The Politician

To Mom 2011 CD Single

A Choired Taste: To Mom

Download for $1.34

A Chored Taste - Unspoken

A Choired Taste: Unspoken, Christmas 2007

A Choired Taste - Bitch

A Choired Taste: Bitch

A Choired Taste - Dessert

A Choired Taste: Dessert

A Choired Taste - Taste This

A Choired Taste: Taste This!

A Choired Taste - Garden of Love

A Choired Taste: Garden of Love

'A Choired Taste: Marie Noëlle - Christmas 2006'

A Choired Taste: Marie Noëlle - Christmas 2006

A Choired Taste - Tasty

A Choired Taste: Tasty

To Mom - Single 2011


A Choired Taste - To Mom, 2006

A Choired Taste: To Mom

Christmas 2005 w/HP

A Choired Taste: Christmas 2005 w/HP

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