Quit Your Bitchin'

Henri Laborde
Henri Laborde


I've actually heard all the complaints I list in the song from various ladies and gents!  I've done my share of complaining too.  But then I thought about my wife and her cancer with all its hardships and my best friend and all  he's gone through in his life. They both kept at it and with good spirit; so now I try to shut up and Quit my bitchin', 'cause life is precious but short, so enjoy every single day you get!



Nobody wants to hear from a whiner

Got something wrong with her vagina

Don't want to hear about my heart attack

Or the cancer growin' on my back


Don't wantta hear ‘bout your diabetes

Or how you suffered as a fetus


 I know your pressure's at 307

But that's the way you're gonna get to heaven, So

Quit your bitchin', everybody's gotta die, someday....


 Politics can drive you crazy

That ain’t no reason to get lazy

You hate that sucker, then vote him out

That what this country is all about


You lost your job, buildin’ planes

They screwed you over, what a shame,


You don’t give up, you come back strong

Even if your job is just mowin’ lawns,  so…..


Quit your bitchin', everybody's gotta die, someday.... Quit your bitchin', everybody's gotta die, someday.... whoo hoo!


I heard you got the deadly news

That final battle, you're about to lose


But you go on, you do your thing

You keep on cookin', I hear you sing


Life's too short to waste on cryin'

Since we've been born, we started dyin'


It's just the deadline, that we don't know

So here's my message before I go

Quit your bitchin', everybody's gotta die, someday.... 

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