An Eclectic Rock Band featuring:

    • Henri Laborde - (HP,our fearless leader), guitar, vocals & composition



      The Musician’s Communion

                                                                                                    Dec 5, 2016


      It’s midnight.

      You sit breathless in the center of a living room with hardwood floors and softened lights.

      Perched on your hardwood, high-back stool, you wipe away the last of your tears.

      You are immobilized by the sudden, stunning, silence calling for more, please more!

      But 67 years of age have brought you back from where 55 years of skill have taken you.

      You are still stunned, sad to have returned, yet happy. For very very few are given this

      mystic joy of music where your golden guitar, quickly hammered, deftly pulled, slid,

      plucked, pealed and rolled can bring tears of sadness and happiness at the same time.

      The tones, rings, bells, harmonics, harmonies fill the emptiness of sad air and grow a joy in

      your heart, muscles, brain whose power exceeds mere human love.

      You remain speechless, in the quiet afterglow, waiting for the trite universe to return.

      The silence of vacuum begs for a return, but 67 years says, No; you will have to wait for it.

      Gradually, you fall back to Earth, sad, happy, hopeful!


      ©2016 Henri Pierre Laborde

    • Alex Esquivel - guitar & vocals

    • Curt Sletten - trumpet, flugelhorn & cornet

    • Wayne Wayne - saxophones, flutes & webmaster

    • Tom Manasian - trombone, horn arrangements & studio engineer

    • Mike Schnoebelen - bass

  • Bob Fowler - drums